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Beach View from Town Homes

A “Resort City”, is a perfect classification for the city of Coronado, meaning an urban area where the local economy is mainly boosted by the tourism industry. The City of Coronado is connected with mainland San Diego, with the help of a “tombolo”, which is a narrow piece of land connecting an island with the main landmass.  This 33 square mile city is also known as “The Crown City’” for its rich cultural heritage, which has plenty to offer to tourist in terms of sightseeing and entertainment. You can jump on the ferry from Downtown or just drive over the Coronado Bay Bridge, to experience pleasure of this unique “island.”  Some of the better-known features of Coronado, which are also hot tourist destinations are as follows:

  • Coronado Beach- If you love sun and the sea, then a visit to this award-winning beach is a must. You will be dazzled by the sparkling sand of this mile and a half stretch of mica studded beach. It also offers lot of water sport activities alongside a simple stroll through the enjoyable mild waves.
  • The Hotel Del Coronado – A trip to the “Crown City”, would be incomplete, without a visit to this iconic hotel. Weaving stories of dignitaries and celebrities for over 130 years, this hotel is amongst the top historical landmark sites of California. You can take a 90-minute walking tour through the property to experience this man-made wonder. Whether or not you are a guest at the hotel, food, and drinks can be ordered to the beach, while you are resting on the cabana.
  • The Gondola Company- You may consider this your passport to enjoy romance in Italian style, while in Coronado. You can indulge in some private moments as you cruise in a private Gondola through the canals of Coronado Cays. This 50-minute ride can accommodate 6 people at a time onboard and provides selected wines with ice buckets along with soft blankets. For booking you may visit their site address at 503 Grand Caribe Causeway.
  • The Sunken Ship- Located just a quarter of a mile from the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, there lies the remains of a sunken ship, the outlines of which are visible during the low tide. The ship once famous for its gambling and trafficking activities, was anchored off the coast of Coronado. However, during a storm in 1937, the anchor broke and the ship drifted to the shore. Due to its shady past, no one claimed the ship, and since then it rests in a murky manner, making it quite popular amongst tourists.
  • Coronado Bike Rentals- If you feel that the best views of the island are from the seat of a bike, then make sure to rent a bike at “Holland’s Bicycles,” at 977 Orange Avenue. They are popular for competitive rates and fleet of variety bikes available for tourist. It is a good choice to explore the nooks and crannies of the place, while exercising mildly.
  • Lamb’s Player’s Theatre- Located at 1142 Orange Avenue, this theatre presents talented performers and hosts shows between February and November every year.
  • MooTime Creamery- Enjoy mouth-watering flavors of ice cream at 1025 Orange Avenue, downtown Coronado. This is an iconic 1950 styled ice cream shop, having an Elvis Presley statue in front, greeting everyone.
  • Go Tide Pooling- This is a favorite amongst the youngsters and tourists for its low tide oceanic treasure hunting. Located in front of Hotel Del Coronado, this place comes alive with sea anemones, hermit crab, and mesmerizing view of the sea.
  • Rent a Segway – Segway of Coronado,” offers  four different types of Segway tour to tourists. It is advisable to book your trip at least a day in advance, as they have a high demand for tours. You get to visit the iconic and historical places on two wheels, which will surely make an everlasting memory.
  • Bike & Kayak Tours- It is always advisable to the tourist that once in Coronado, exploring the Pacific Ocean and its creatures, through bike & kayak tours. There is no feeling better than kayaking along the San Diego skyline and sailing beneath the graceful curve of the historic Coronado Bridge. Their specially designed tours, takes you through the city’s maritime culture on specially designed kayaks. Tourists can visit USS Midway Museum, Petco Park, Naval Station, Silver Strand, Glorietta Bay, and many more.


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