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Point Loma Pacific Ocean View

Welcome to Point Loma

If you long for sun and sea, then Point Loma is undoubtedly the place to be. Loma is a Spanish word for hill, which exactly Point Loma in San Diego is, a hilly peninsula. Bordering on the south and western front with Pacific Ocean, the place is never short of water sport activity. If you are looking for extreme water sports, then look no further than Aquatic Aviation service. Their action filled water hover boards and jet pack rental services, lets you fly over water like “Tony Stark of Ironman movie.”

There is a historical significance to Point Loma, as the early expedition by the European settlers first landed here in the state of California. This landing site is preserved through the Cabrillo National Monument, named after the first European explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. To honor the culture, the Cabrillo Festival is held in the month of September, showcasing cultural demonstrations and folklore performances. The acts portray Mexican, Portuguese, Native American, and Spanish cultural events, which are a treat to watch for the entire family.

Some of the favorite tourist attraction and activities around Point Loma are as follows:

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Probably the best landmark for which Point Loma is known is “Old Point Loma Lighthouse,” located at the mouth of San Diego Bay. After deactivation, the light house was opened to the public as a museum. Visitors are greeted by historical enactors like “Captain Israel,” who was a real historical figure and the keeper of the lighthouse. The place also has a well equipped tea room, offering breathtaking view of the bay along with tasty refreshments for the visitors.

Point Loma Tide Pools

These are sandstone cliff along the western side of Point Loma peninsula and are often known as Sunset Cliffs. The place has many fossils including dinosaur remains, which is a major attraction for tourists. Apart from the breathtaking pacific coastline view, this intertidal rocky terrain is the prelude to the ocean ecosystem, and a favorite amongst children during the low tide. The northern part of the tide pool has rocky formations perfect enough to retain small fish, snails and sea anemones, from incoming ocean water.

Shelter Island

This is located on the San Diego bay and is connected to the main land with the help of a land strip, technically known as an isthmus. The area is flooded with Polynesian styled hotels and resorts serving mouth watering cuisines. If you are looking to experience the Bay coastline by the ocean, then “San Diego Shore Excursion,” is perfect for you. It is a specially designed amphibious boat ride off the coast of Shelter Island, at a very nominal rate. The first boat departs at 10:30 am in the morning, and allocates 1.5 hours for every tour. The boat ride gives the picturesque view of Point Loma, the submarine base, the naval air station, and many more. There is a very informative on-board historical story telling act, performed by the tour operator to entertain visitors.

USS Midway Museum

The city of San Diego is better known as “Navy Town” around the world, because of its fantastic naval training centers and bases. One such exemplary structure is USS Midway interactive naval Museum, which was the longest serving aircraft carrier in US Navy and currently located in downtown. This floating city has about 29 restored aircraft and advanced flight simulators to mesmerize the visitors.

 San Diego GoCar Tour

If you are looking for some flexibility in your travel itinerary, then San Diego Go Car Tour is the best option. It allows you to ease along the top tourist attractions at your own pace, with its affordable Go Car rentals. To provide information about the city and navigation, on board talking GPS is installed in each car, which not only guides you with the maps but also provide a recorded narration of the passing attraction. You can choose the time duration of rental of this two passenger car, as per your convenience.

Half-Day Deep-Sea Fishing Cruise from San Diego

This is the perfect gateway into deepwater angling territory to catch game fish like yellowtail, bass, bonito, etc. The tour lets you enjoy the boat ride through the beautiful Point Loam coastline, along with on-board expert guidance for fishing. Don’t worry about breakfast and lunch as they will be served on board. However, for a morning half day fishing tour, you will have to reach the departure point early at 6.30 am in the morning.

Humphreys Concerts by the bay

If listening to Graham Nash by the ocean bay sounds interesting, then make sure to visit Humphreys Concerts by the Bay at Shelter Island. This 1,400 people capacity outdoor theater is located between Humphreys Restaurant and the Half Moon Inn. Concerts occur from the months of April to October and is flocked by thousands, for its variety of performances like folk, rock, jazz, and other international music. Visitors may choose from the option of “general package” and “special dinner & hotel package for reserved seats”, according to their taste. Tickets and more information can be obtained from the Humphreys Box Office.



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